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“Work like you don’t need the money and dance like nobody’s watching.”

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About Us

Spaceboy Studios Sdn Bhd was created to offer forward, technologically savvy and current production styles and quality for all kinds of markets and objectives, aptly abducting the fascinating sci-fi approach of working the imagination and exploring new frontiers even in the most smallest of projects.

We are made up of a humble, dynamic and young (though very experienced) team with a vast television background, able to serve all production needs from conceptualising content to shooting and delivering the final product in a nice, attractive package. All within streamlined communication between us and our client; a small team makes for easier reach.

Ours is a still-passionate philosophy of meeting halfway – but never compromising between technique and idea; we believe that each product not only has a message to deliver, but also an audience that needs to be entertained, be it at home or in the boardroom.

We have shot and produced TV series, documentaries, commercials and corporate videos for the likes of; 8TV, Nike, Malaysia Airlines, Taylor’s University, Oroton (Australia), Silkygirl, Bell & Ross, Hennessy, Canon and Shell; provided live multi-camera video production for Malaysia’s top music festivals Rockaway 2011 and Future Music Festival Asia 2012; created motion-graphic opening montages for the 8TV Quickie and Astro Top 10 Chart; and made award winning music videos for bands such as They Will Kill Us All, Bittersweet, Project EAR, and Love Me Butch.